White paper: Accuracy and Automation SLAs are Coming Your Way

Recent advancements in AI automation are changing lenders’ expectations of vendor performance. Successful AI systems must continually adapt to changing data and demonstrate consistent, sustainable automation and accuracy –  in other words, automation and accuracy SLAs.

Advances in AI automation enable timely, relevant, and cost-effective, customer services.

Informed.IQ’s commitment to these performance standards is part of our broader mission to develop AI systems that lenders can rely on, just as they do traditional enterprise software.

In this paper, we delve deeper into creating accuracy and automation SLAs for AI lending applications.

The key to maintaining your document intelligence performance

White paper Accuracy and Automation SLAs are Coming Your Way Informed


  • Understanding the risks
  • Which SLAs should I care about?
  • Compliance benefits
  • Introducing PerformanceIQ

Would you like to see the ROI you can expect when implementing automation?

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