Technology & transformation: Women driving change in finance

Technology & transformation Women driving change in finance Informed

In honor of Women’s History Month, together with American Banker we brought together four accomplished women in finance for an online Executive Roundtable. These leading voices from across the industry will discuss the current state of US lending. 

During this engaging session, the panelists weighed in on what’s happening in lending in the current economy and shared their thoughts on recent trends including the rise in fraud risk, impacts of digital transformation, increased speed of decisioning and predictions for 2024.

Betty Jotanovic, President of Chrysler Capital and Auto Relationships at Santander Consumer; Arya Kalla, Managing Director, JPMC; Jennifer Reid, HoS, Wolters Kluwer; and Jessica Pillado Gonzalez – VP of Customer Success, Lending, Informed.IQ provided an insiders look at how technology and digital transformation are reshaping the industry. You can watch the recording here

This was a great opportunity to learn from these women who often keynote conferences, without leaving the comfort of wherever you prefer to be! The target audience for this web seminar is: 

Financial & operational professionals, including executives, analysts, and practitioners, as well as individuals interested in Fintech and the evolving landscape of finance.

Key Discussion Points:

  • The role AI now plays in lending
  • Reducing bias in today’s financial environment
  • Innovations in Fintech: Perspectives from Women Trailblazers

the roundtable. Learnings the roundtable included:

  1. Insight into the current state of US lending and its intersection with economic trends, fraud risks, and digital transformation.
  2. Actionable ways of leveraging AI and digital transformation for better decision-making.
  3. Acquire strategies to reduce bias in financial practices.

If you couldn’t attend live, a recording was shared after the event here.

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Adine Deford VP of Marketing
Adine Deford is the VP of Marketing at Informed.IQ. She has more than 25 years of technology marketing experience serving industry leaders, world class marketing agencies and technology start-ups.

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