Funding Loans of All Types

Solutions Funding Loans When funding loans, lenders spend countless hours manually verifying loan applicants’ information – specifically, their income (and manually calculating it), residence, employment, and proof of insurance, among other things. In addition to verifying consumer information, there is ample work required to review complete loan packages. In the case of auto lending and

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Consumer Verifications for Lenders

Solutions Consumer Verifications Verifying an applicant’s information is a difficult and time consuming task. Making important decisions in loan underwriting and understanding an individual’s ability to pay, requires an accurate picture of that applicant’s total income.  Best in class solutions run complex ML/AI models to classify and extract information off documents in a matter of seconds. This

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Verifying Income

Solutions Verifying Income AI verifications for income and employment with 99% accuracy Stated income is notoriously falsified and unreliable. Paycheck stubs and bank statements are easily forged. Income calculation is complex, and humans make mistakes – the more manual processes in place, the greater compliance and fair lending risk. Our income document intelligence uses AI

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Student Loan Refinancing

Solutions Student Loan Refinancing   With the end of the student loan payment pause, many of the nearly 43 million Americans with student loan debt will consider refinancing those loans. Informed speeds up current loan statement and income verifications using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning.  Getting approved for refinancing requires that applicants satisfy several

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Thoughts from F&I Sentinel CEO Stephen McDaniel

This fall, we announced our partnership with F&I Sentinel. Together, we will evolve digital lending by providing a comprehensive service focused on verification and compliance. Informed’s AI-based software verifies, streamlines, and optimizes loan processing. F&I Sentinel’s CITADEL® provides a turnkey compliance solution for the financing and resolution of F&I products. CITADEL addresses the rapidly changing

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