Consumer Lending

Consumer Verifications

Solutions Consumer Verifications Verifying an applicant’s information is a difficult and time consuming task. Making important decisions in loan underwriting and understanding an individual’s ability to pay, requires an accurate picture of that applicant’s total income.  Best in class solutions run complex ML/AI models to classify and extract information off documents in a matter of seconds. This […]

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Informed’s Compliance Solutions keep you Informed

AI-generated image from Midjourney representing Informed’s compliance We help many of the nation’s largest lenders automate the review and processing of loan applications. And a big part of what we do is assure Informed’s compliance solutions are up to date with federal and state regulations. Informed’s compliance verifications use advanced machine-learning techniques to read deal

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Dealer Verify

PRODUCTS Dealer Verify Dealers Collect Documents and Clear Stipulations in Real Time What is Dealer Verify? Dealer Verify is an AI-powered tool that enables auto dealers to clear stipulations in real time via digital document collection and instant, automated verifications. Dealer Verify enables up front, accurate income calculations and validation of consumer data at underwriting,

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Tenant Income Screening

Solutions Tenant Income Screening What does Informed do for Tenant Income Screening? Informed speeds up income verifications for property managers and landlords using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning. With Informed, they can verify income from applicant documents in real time, eliminating the manual work needed to confirm an applicant can actually afford their unit.

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API - application programming interface

How API integration solves lenders’ technology challenges

What’s the issue? The volume of document-centric processes rises and falls throughout the year as the workload modulates from season to season. Lenders have high volumes of documents to process towards the end of the month, quarter, year and during tax season. But, certain months have low volumes making it almost impossible to scale/calibrate human

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Informed named to the Software Report's Top 25 AI Companies for 2024