Consumer Lending

Demystify Fraud

The definition of fraud in consumer lending is contentious because lenders define it slightly differently. Here are a few definitions I have heard: However, all of these are lagging indicators of fraud rather than predictions, since the events have already happened. In these cases, the borrower never intended to pay back the loan and likely

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Consumer Verifications for Lenders

Solutions Consumer Verifications Verifying an applicant’s information is a difficult and time consuming task. Making important decisions in loan underwriting and understanding an individual’s ability to pay, requires an accurate picture of that applicant’s total income.  Best in class solutions run complex ML/AI models to classify and extract information off documents in a matter of seconds. This

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Informed’s Compliance Solutions keep you Informed

AI-generated image from Midjourney representing Informed’s compliance We help many of the nation’s largest lenders automate the review and processing of loan applications. And a big part of what we do is assure Informed’s compliance solutions are up to date with federal and state regulations. Informed’s compliance verifications use advanced machine-learning techniques to read deal

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