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NADA 2024 Recap

Last week, NADA 2024 in Las Vegas, drew over 23,000 attendees. Auto dealers explored new technology and engaged with lenders and vendors. A standout session focused on the combined power of AI and human capital, particularly featuring female leaders.  On Friday, NADA experts and industry leaders engaged in rapid 20-minute sessions, while Steve Greenfield, CEO

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FinBe USA Partners with Informed.IQ To Streamline Originations Process Using AI & Machine Learning

San Francisco, CA; February 6, 2024 – Informed.IQ, provider of AI-based software that verifies, streamlines, and optimizes loan processing enables FinBe USA (formerly Credito Real USA Finance) to digitally collect documents and verify financing policies, creating a better dealer and consumer experience. Through accurate consumer income calculations and validation of applicant data, loans are processed faster

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The Case for Vertical AI Models

AI researchers from Google, Berkeley, and other universities recently engineered what they described as a “silly attack” on Chat-GPT. They asked the model to repeat the word “poem” forever, which caused the model to emit large quantities of its training data, including names, email, physical addresses, phone numbers and other personal information (PII).   Though superficially

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Funding Auto Loans

Solutions Funding Auto Loans Lenders spend countless hours manually verifying loan applicants’ information – specifically, their income (and manually calculating it), residence, employment, and proof of insurance, among other things. In addition to verifying consumer information, there is ample work required to review deal jackets and corresponding ancillary product contracts, such as a vehicle service

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Informed Maintains Compliance

Solutions Informed Maintains Compliance Verifications Help Lenders Stay Compliant Informed’s AI copilot automates lender’s review of key Federal and State compliance obligations. Our compliance verifications use advanced machine-learning techniques to read deal jacket documents and confirm that required disclosures, signatures, and key terms are present. We do this in seconds, as opposed to the usual

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Consumer Verifications

Solutions Consumer Verifications Verifying an applicant’s information is a difficult and time consuming task. Making important decisions in loan underwriting and understanding an individual’s ability to pay, requires an accurate picture of that applicant’s total income.  Best in class solutions run complex ML/AI models to classify and extract information off documents in a matter of seconds. This

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Verifying Income

Solutions Verifying Income AI verifications for income and employment with 99% accuracy Stated income is notoriously falsified and unreliable. Paycheck stubs and bank statements are easily forged. Income calculation is complex, and humans make mistakes – the more manual processes in place, the greater compliance and fair lending risk. Our software uses AI and machine

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Informed named to the Software Report's Top 25 AI Companies for 2024