Powersports Lending

What does Informed do for Powersports Lending?

Informed speeds up the loan process and reduces bias for powersports lenders through Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning technology. A real-time underwriting and funding process greatly improves the consumer experience which is even more important in a rising interest rate environment.

Reducing Friction in the Powersports Lending Process

Powersports lenders are leveraging AI and machine learning to decision and fund consumer credit applications in real-time with higher accuracy, in a compliant and auditable fashion while decreasing bias and reducing error rates. Real-Time verification of consumer documents improves speed and accuracy. Whether the consumer is buying a motorcycle, all-terrain vehicle (ATV), snowmobile, personal water craft, or scooter, they’re looking for a smooth and easy financing experience.

Reducing friction in the powersports lending process is important not only to consumers, but also to lenders and dealers. Leading powersports dealers and lenders are discovering that they can offer faster, easier, and more secure customer experiences simply by leveraging their mobile phones.

Powersport Lenders Are Shifting Focus to Income Verification Controls

Further improving the experience is the automated validation of dealer documents. Everything from the RISC, VSC, GAP waiver, odometer statement, bookout sheet, etc can be checked for accuracy against lender’s specific funding rules.

And, with the prevalence of fraud and collections increasing, banks are focusing on income verification controls. Dealers can verify identity at onboarding and lenders can verify and authenticate income which mitigates fraud and decreases credit risk. And, capture rates increase, contracts in transit times decrease and dealers get paid faster.

Powersports Lending

The Benefits

Informed makes powersports dealers easier to do business with, resulting in increased market share, improved customer retention and:

Opens new markets due to agility and flexibility

Reduces information technology and operational costs

Developing the real-time risk review of customer data in Informed’s core platform utilizes available on-demand interactive customer contact strategies. This makes operations simpler, faster, and more efficient with better outcomes for dealers, lenders, and consumers.

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