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What Kind of ROI Do Informed Clients See?

Informed Clients report hard and soft, quantifiable benefits. Many see improvements in their Net Promoter Scores (NPS) and J.D. Power scores in customer surveys. Informed provides flexibility allowing them to pursue new business opportunities.

Exact ROI varies by client and use-case but is achieved by:

  • Increased revenue (all verticals)
  • Increased capture (all verticals)
  • Decreased fraud losses in the range of 1.85% to 2.23% of lenders’ portfolio (all verticals)
  • Reduced enforcement risk by having documented proof of compliance
  • Increased productivity of Credit and Funding staff (all verticals)
  • Faster funding for dealers (auto, rv, marine)
  • Reduced contracts in transit, exception handling and data errors (auto, rv, marine)
  • Automated compliance checks (ie GAP) while reducing cost
  • Reduced wait time for dealers and consumers (auto, rv, marine)
  • Reduced expenses due to SLA and service delivery mishaps (auto, rv, marine)
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