Informed Consumer

AI-Automated Consumer Verifications

Informed Consumer

Informed’s consumer verifications are highly accurate, require minimal manual intervention, and complete within seconds. 

They can occur at Underwriting and/or at Funding. Informed can receive documents directly from the consumer via customizable SMS outreach and programmatically from a lender’s LOS.

 Lenders Fund Deals Faster

  • Eliminates time consuming manual funding processes
  • Additional insights and analytics for lenders 
  • Additional regulatory and compliance benefits

Consumers Enjoy a Simplified, Frictionless Loan Process

  • Creates increased transparency in the lending process
  • Consumers can get documents to lenders with more ease
  • More accurate income calculation increases equitable access to capital

Operational Benefits

Increase Capture
Real-time verifications improve conversion by detecting applicants who understate income and ease of document upload.

Free Up Staff
More accurate and less subjective than humans. Machines fund faster and spot anomalies.

Reduce Fraud & Bolster Compliance
Catch falsified income and other loan defects to better comply with policies and procedure

Reduce Manual Costs and Errors
Achieve greater efficiencies with Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Accelerate digital transformation within your organization.

Deepen Customer Insights
Unlock the information in your documents and identify high-value customers with richer analytics.

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