Income Clear

Know the likelihood of Misrepresented Income

What is Income Clear?

Income Clear is a compliant data product that aggregates multiple data sources to provide lenders the likelihood that the applicant is misrepresenting their income based on the their location and occupation along with other relevant application data. And, this product is available for a number of verticals including auto lending, personal lending, tenant screening, and government programs.

Moreover, when lenders reduce stipulations required at Underwriting and provide dealers with compliant tools they increase capture rates and dealers satisfaction, seeing a 7-10x ROI. The auto product includes dealer and vehicle data.

Income Clear compares an applicant’s stated income to similarly employed workers and models a reliable median income. The output is calculated from occupation and location pulled from publicly available data plus Informed’s Database of 65+ million records.

Informed’s database spans tens of millions of applicants and documents, revealing industry insights and benchmarks on dealer fraud, income and employment misrepresentation. Also, the data uniquely positions us since we have access to stated income from millions of applicants and we also have their verified income.


Capture rates drop by up to 50% when credit approval requires an income stipulation.  Developing robust and accurate methods to verify income without relying on traditional documentary evidence is difficult.

So, lenders need innovative data sources and advanced analytics, and must comply with privacy regulations.

Requiring documentary evidence decreases capture and is a barrier to entry.


With Income Clear, lenders call Informed’s API to see an applicant’s propensity to over or under state income and submit falsified documentation. 

Leveraging Informed’s database of more than 45 million records, lenders reduce friction by only “stipping” credit approvals when absolutely necessary.

Finally, the solution provides guidance on navigating risks while enabling lenders to select requirements based on their risk appetite.

See our Income Clear guide for more info

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