Human-in-the-Loop (HITL)

100% Extraction Rates

What is Human in the Loop?

Informed has augmented its best-in-class AI for extractions, verification, and fraud detection with Human-In-The-Loop (HITL).  HITL enables operations staff, at Informed or the lender,  to verify and correct AI-extracted data. This ensures the highest possible accuracy and completeness so lenders can automate more of their downstream applications.

Informed’s HITL services and copilot interfaces have been designed to support automation, enabling humans to work alongside AI, reaching the best possible outcome, capturing all critical fields from documents, and reducing the manual effort required to make lending decisions.   HITL also streamlines Informed’s continuous AI model improvements, making lenders even more efficient over time.


Today, completely automated models can’t return 100% data extraction rates for documents critical to a loan application. So lenders are faced with tough decisions on how to move forwards.  Often lenders depend on their team starting from scratch and manually reviewing all documents in the entire application, increasing operational costs – even when only a few fields are missing.  

Alternatively, lenders or their LOS provider can build dedicated document review workflows enabling operational staff to identify and fill in the gaps where data fields cannot be automatically confirmed. However this requires large engineering efforts and investment opportunity costs. And it’s not the best use of time for highly trained lender staff, leading to drops in employee satisfaction.


Informed offers two HITL options to streamline lenders’ verifications processes while reducing technical and operational investments:

Informed HITL – Informed’s trained staff boosts automated decisioning rates and catches errors earlier in the lending lifecycle with no need for development or operations training. AI-powered, purpose built tools enable our internal team to act quickly to return data back to lenders. Teams are fully trained and experienced in extracting data from industry documents, resulting in consistent, high quality output.

HITL Copilot – Leverage your existing staff and streamline operational costs by using your team to augment Informed’s AI-powered extractions and verifications. Informed provides tools functioning as a standalone portal or embedded in an LOS to review documents, manage extractions, and make decisions quickly on loan verifications pending manual review.

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