A simple, intuitive tool to collect documents

What is CollectIQ?

CollectIQ is an AI-powered tool enabling lenders to digitally obtain consumer documents and verify data. Lenders collect the documents and data required to clear stips and re-hash credit decisions as needed. Through accurate income calculations and validation of applicant data, loans are processed faster and more accurately with reduced fraud and consumer experiences.

Borrowers finalize the verification process by uploading their required documents or linking to bank accounts and payroll providers. Informed instantly analyzes this data so the lender can offer a better deal structure, reducing contracts in transit and potential errors, while increasing transaction efficiency and customer satisfaction.


During the loan application process, Lenders need to verify an applicant’s identity, income, residence and more. This can be a cumbersome process, often requiring the applicant to bring in physical documents or scan and attach them to emails. This adds friction to the customer experience and results in documents with sub-par image quality.


With CollectIQ, over 90% of applicants engage with the SMS and easily upload documents right from their mobile device. CollectIQ can be called from an API or via user-interface. This allows applicants to send the required documents in a secure, user-friendly interaction.

See our CollectIQ guide for more info

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