Origence Lending Tech Live 2023 Recap

Origence Lending Tech Live 2023 Recap Informed

The Origence Lending Tech Live Conference, took place in Las Vegas a week or so ago. It was an exceptional event that brought together credit union professionals, industry experts, and technology providers. The focus was on empowering credit unions through innovative lending technology. The conference provided valuable insights, strategies, and solutions to navigate the evolving landscape of financial services. 

As a partner of Origence, Informed was proud to send four team members to attend and participate in several of the key sessions. Together, Origence and Informed are delivering “document processing automation” (DPA) to Origence’s network of 1,000+ credit unions. DPA leverages AI to process entire auto loan deal jackets in seconds.

Informed’s CEO & Co-Founder, Justin Wickett, led two sessions titled “Faster, smarter, better: Gaining Lending Business Efficiencies Through AI.” These sessions helped credit unions better understand the machine learning & AI revolution, digital transformation, fraud best practices, and much more. 

Artificial intelligence usage is rapidly expanding in financial institutions, with 95% either using it today or planning to in the future according to a recent Aite Group survey. This phenomenon makes it important for credit unions to capitalize on and leverage innovative technologies like Informed in their lending processes. In partnership with Origence, DPA is driving major efficiencies in the auto lending journey.

Beyond our own speaking engagements, the conference was enlightening on the current state of the credit union industry. Lending Tech Live showcased a comprehensive range of topics specifically tailored to credit unions, highlighting the unique challenges and opportunities they face in 2023 and beyond. Attendees gained valuable knowledge from keynote presentations, interactive panel discussions, and informative workshops, all aimed at optimizing lending processes, enhancing member experiences, and driving growth.

Credit union leaders shared success stories, showcasing how they successfully implemented technology-driven solutions to achieve tangible results. These real-world examples were an inspiration for many of the attendees, demonstrating the transformative impact of embracing cutting-edge lending technologies provided by Origence and their partners.

Conference speakers also addressed the importance of member engagement and satisfaction. Attendees explored strategies for credit unions to digitally deliver exceptional member experiences, while maintaining the personal touch they’re known for. They also learned about innovative tools enabling credit unions to offer tailored loan products, responsive support, and seamless member journeys. DPA is another important tool for Origence to enhance member experiences and reduce their members’ time to funding. 

2023 Lending Tech Live served as a catalyst for empowering credit unions to leverage technology and embrace innovation in lending. The event highlighted the significance of emerging trends like digital transformation, member-centric approaches, EVs, positive dealer relationships, and collaboration. We are thrilled about collaborating with Origence. This conference was an important barometer of the success of our joint solution thus far. We are excited to attend the conference again in 2024 when the venue moves to San Diego.

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With 3+ years in FinTech partnerships and a stint at J.P. Morgan, Mac is committed to bridging the gap between the technology ecosystem and financial institutions. He leads strategic partnerships at Informed.IQ.

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