Informed.IQ Launches Dealer Verify, a new tool leveraging AI to Enhance the Auto Dealer Experience and reduce Contracts in Transit

AI-Based Tool Enables Dealers to Verify Income and Clear Consumer Stipulations in Real Time to Streamline Loan Originations

San Francisco, CA; October 30, 2023Informed.IQ, provider of AI-based software that verifies, streamlines, and optimizes loan processing, today announced Dealer Verify. This new tool enables auto dealers to clear stipulations in real time through digital document collection and instant, automated verifications. With up front, accurate income calculations and validation of consumer data at underwriting, loans are processed faster and more accurately, resulting in fewer contracts-in-transit, reduced fraud, and improved experiences for consumers, dealers, and lenders.

How Does it Work?

  • Lenders embed Dealer Verify as a link or iframe in their credit decision callback or dealer portal, leveraging existing communication channels.
  • Dealers can trigger an SMS to consumers for direct collection of documents and linked payroll/bank accounts, or can upload documents they have already received. 
  • Informed instantly analyzes the data and issues real-time classifications, extractions, comparisons, and verifications.  Dealers can immediately view the verification status through an intuitive interface.

The Director of Innovation at a top 5 U.S. auto lender said about Dealer Verify, “We are in a people business and are leveraging cutting edge technology to focus on a better experience for our dealers, consumers, and employees.  We’re making it easier for our employees to give our dealers the best service and results.”

Real-time verifications enable dealers to streamline and optimize their performance. This strategy reinforces dealer relationships empowering them by removing friction and speeding credit decision, ensuring they get paid faster.  Dealers can be confident in the decisions and can remedy missing documents and image quality issues while the consumer is still at the dealership. Informed’s AI and modeling perform complex calculations ensuring accuracy, identifying omissions, and combating fraud.  With Dealer Verify, dealers can focus less on collecting and validating data and more on developing strong customer relationships.

“Informed ensures that Lenders can enable car dealers to provide competitive-rate auto loans to all segments of the market,” said Justin Wickett, CEO of Informed.IQ. “ Our tools provide an improved dealer and consumer experience while helping lenders board more loans faster, while reducing fraud and risk.”

About Informed.IQ

Informed uses AI/ML to instantly verify income, assets, residence, insurance, auto stipulations, credit stipulations and more. This enables real-time, reliable credit decisions without bias. Informed’s models are trained on hundreds of document types and consumer-permissioned data sources, automating stipulation clearance for lenders. In 2022, Informed processed over 4 million consumer credit applications for US lenders, automating over $120 billion in loan originations to date. Informed.IQ automates verifications with 99% accuracy in seconds with no humans-in-the-loop. 

Originally focused on auto lending, where six of the top ten auto lenders use the solution. Financial institutions now use Informed for mortgages, personal and student loans, and automated bank account openings. Informed’s technology extends beyond simply recognizing images and verifying document data.

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