Become “Informed” in Just 46 Seconds

Become Informed in Just 46 Seconds Informed

If you’ve been wondering what all the buzz around Informed is about, now’s your chance to find out. This new explainer video covers the high points of how Informed’s ai platform enables consumer lenders to fund more loans faster while reducing risk, cost and fraud. According to a JD Power Survey, “receiving loan approval within two days is associated with a 55-point jump in customer satisfaction!”

Automation improves data accuracy, reduces bias in lending, and opens doors to a more inclusive set of borrowers with better consumer financial outcomes. Our fraud alert quickly identifies fraudulent pay stubs with no manual review while helping determine if there is a fraud concern across your portfolio and how it compares with industry benchmarks.

There’s a lot more we could tell you about how we automatically verify documents in real-time,  automating decisions and enabling straight-through processing in less time than it takes to manually remediate contracts. But we’d rather show you – request a demo and we’ll get one scheduled for you right away.

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We are digital transformers of tedious manual tasks, bringing robotics process automation to financial services.

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