Bank On It Podcast: Our CEO and Co-Founder, Justin Wickett, dives into the inspiration behind Informed.IQ and the value that we provide to lenders

Bank On It Podcast Our CEO and Co Founder Justin Wickett dives into the inspiration behind InformedIQ and the value that we provide to lenders Informed

Artificial intelligence or AI has quickly become one of the most popular buzzwords in all of fintech. Companies constantly highlight their use of AI, but there are only a few that are using AI in a practical way. Informed.IQ is one of those companies. Informed.IQ unlocks the information trapped in loan applications and eliminates manual reviews via AI and machine learning.

In this Podcast, Justin dives into:

  • How Informed automates processes for lenders of all sizes
  • Our startup story
  • The evolution of our product
  • How Justin’s upbringing and professional experiences shaped Informed.IQ
  • The importance of team culture within a fast growing startup

Episode 439 Justin Wickett from Informed.IQ

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Adine Deford VP of Marketing
Adine Deford is the VP of Marketing at Informed.IQ. She has more than 25 years of technology marketing experience serving industry leaders, world class marketing agencies and technology start-ups.

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