Auto Intel & National Remarketing Spring Summit 2024

Auto Intel & National Remarketing Spring Summit 2024 Informed

The Auto Intel & National Remarketing Spring Summit 2024 focused on pivotal topics shaping the future of the automotive sector. From Connected Mobility to Investment Capital, Compliance & Regulations to Predictive Analytics, the conference delved into the pressing issues driving the industry forward.

In an industry characterized by rapid transformation, keeping pace with change is essential. The wholesale sector faces a myriad of challenges, from economic uncertainties to technological disruptions. With discussions on innovation, market analysis, economic forecasting, and remarketing business intelligence, the NRC Spring Summit provided attendees with valuable insights into the future of the industry.

Insights from Industry Leaders

The summit featured thought-provoking discussions led by top executives such as Kyle Birch, President of North America Operations at GM Financial, and Kevin Cullum, President of NMAC. Among the topics discussed were the role of digital auditing in revolutionizing floorplan and wholesale finance, leveraging AI, machine learning, and API integration to enhance efficiency and risk management.

The summit also addressed crucial aspects of dealer transformation, including the integration of AI into business processes, staff training to optimize technology utilization, and the importance of relationship-building in a digital age.

Dealers are navigating digital transformation by leveraging digital marketing tools to understand what works best for their audience. Despite the rise of digital platforms, there’s a recognition that a hybrid model – blending traditional and digital methods – resonates with buyers, particularly younger ones. 

As part of this transformation, dealers are integrating AI into their operations, with AI chatbots playing a role, albeit with occasional inaccuracies. Staff training is crucial, not only in adopting new technologies, but also in ensuring accountability in their use. Additionally, there’s an emphasis on teaching personnel the art of building and nurturing relationships, recognizing that even in a digital age, human connections are pivotal.

Upping the Game with Digital Inventory Audits

Moderated by Marguerite Watanabe, President of Connections Insight, this panel discussion explored how technology drives improvements in inventory management and finance. Jeff Bunch from Sopra Banking Software and Erica Novick from ACV Auctions shared insights into leveraging technology for organizational efficiency and sector-wide enhancements.

Harnessing Technology for Data Utilization

Auto Intel & National Remarketing Spring Summit 2024 Informed
Auto Intel & National Remarketing Spring Summit 2024 Informed

Another highlight of the summit was a panel discussion featuring representatives from automotive technology companies, including Equifax, Wolters Kluwer, and myself. The session focused on how advancements in technology are making vast amounts of data more accessible and actionable for clients and the industry as a whole. Speakers offered real-world examples of how technology is delivering value and efficiency across various operations.

The Auto Intel & National Remarketing Spring Summit 2024 presented a unique opportunity for industry professionals to gain valuable insights, network with peers, and stay ahead of the curve in an increasingly dynamic automotive landscape.

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