2024 Auto Loan Defect Survey Report

Download this 20 page report to learn the results of Informed’s latest survey. The questionnaire was presented to 2,500 auto lending executives in late January, 2024.

Highlights include:

  • When asked how automation has improved their lending process, 21% of respondents (top answer) said automation has reduced fraud in their lending process. This was followed by 19% who said it increased speed.
  • The majority of respondents (31%) said improving dealer satisfaction was their top reason to adopt more automation or AI tools.
  • On measuring the success of automation. Most respondents (32%) said it has improved customer satisfaction. This was followed by 30% saying they had reduced turnaround time

  • While 41% indicated budget concerns, another 35% said they are concerned about the lack of knowledge or expertise in making additional implementations.

2024 Auto Loan Defect Survey Report Informed

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